Black Panther and Your Mindset

Reading a friends Facebook post this week asking about the release of the new Marvel Comic turned movie “Black Panther” featuring a superior all black cast. She was questioning why the date was adjusted without getting national attention, which would

Wakanda forever! Learn about Danai Gurira, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, and the rest of the Black Panther cast. Read more…

raise the eyebrow of many expecting the release of Black panther to be one of the largest opening day releases in movie history and most definitely marks a milestone for black cinema. As I read the comments one follower states, “I don’t get it… Why is there so much hype with this movie?” I could not help but whisper to myself, “if you don’t get it you are part of the problem…”

As with every basic human right we have fought to obtain in Amerikkka the fight to be a black actor/actress can not be swept under the rug like its not apart of our history, or that it didn’t set the stage for the mindsets we are battling to overcome today as a culture. Film has been one of the biggest influence-rs of how the world views us as a black-culture, which also in a way has given us a sense of definition for ourselves. Early in the 1900’s blacks were not even allowed on the big screen or to hold any kind of major role! Are you familiar with “Black-Face” yeah that was started as a way to have black people in movies without actually having black people in the movie. When we were finally represented in movies it was as monkeys, clowns or servants to the wealthy white families. As the years went on we graduated to thugs, gangsters and drug dealers which is a direct reflection of how whites see us and wanted to be sure the rest of the world saw nothing different! Don’t forget the classic “Rags to Riches” stories. Rarely have we had the opportunity to hold the spotlight for positive roles of success or had the opportunity to showcase the true culture that lies beneath all of that!

What is the hype you ask? For years we have been given the code to which we live and die by through movies music and t.v. and for years our code has evolved from big screen monkeys and syrup pouring servants (Aunt Jemima), weed smoking gangstas who hate the police to predominant unapologetic black successful business men and woman and now Protectors, Kings and Queens of an ALL BLACK NATION. Black awareness continues to grow, black consciousness continues to take a front seat, and now the driver of influence for our black culture driving black business to new levels changing our black mindset and rewriting our black history!

This film is important to so many not because its an all black cast that’s just the surface. Deep down many understand influence and that negative images of black men and women have influenced our mindsets for decades! This movie raises the level of thinking and puts into perspective what it looks like to be united protectors for our people while simultaneously giving permission to black people to live out their royal heritage that was lost many years ago! #WakandaForever

“Descendants OF Kings”



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