Exploring Mental Disorders



Keeping up with the #MindSetMatters movement, a movement geared towards encouraging man to dig deeper to explore matters of the heart and mental health. I caught up with Jason Shankle, a friend and Founder of Inner Self and Wisdom, LLC, a private therapy practice that focuses on couples counseling, empowering individuals, families and communities to overcome addictions, depression, and anxiety. Shankle’s practice promotes healing by increasing self-awareness, confidence, and personal growth through holistic therapy. Additionally, he uses self-care plans and coping tools for stress, addictions and mood disorders.

In this interview, we explored mental health as it pertains to the current state of our

Jason Shankle Founder of Inner Self and Wisdom, LLC

communities more specific to Bipolar Disorder, which is a serious condition that affects everyone.

However, Black communities shy away from these conversations due to the conditioning and normalization of the stigma that mental health is not a priority. The idea of therapy being perceived as a weakness or pointless is one of the biggest lies fed to our communities preventing healing.  More directly related to African American males, the idea of therapy assumes there is an issue and the core problem is feeling like you can handle it yourself.

How do you know what to talk about?

One way to open this dialogue is to be brutally honest with yourself.  We all experience feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, unhappiness and fatigue on a daily basis. When you notice you are feeling these emotions excessively to the point they are controlling your behavior and disrupting relationships it is time to get help.  The beginning stage of self-exploration is first admitting there is a problematic pattern. These are feelings that may have a cause and effect on your mental health and ability to cope. From personal experience as a black man we often self-medicate for misdiagnosed mental disorders while suppressing our feelings to uphold this image of unwavering strength and self-inflicted ego.

What are you consuming?

A mental disorder is a chemical in-balance in the brain that affects your mood, thinking patterns, and behavior. A few things directly tied to the chemicals in our brain are the things we consume from food, TV, entertainment and impulsive habits. Changing your everyday consumption can reduce the negative self-talk we internalize through music and social interactions. This will open the door of mindfulness to heal and allow the more essential nutrients our minds need to carry us to the next level as we continue to strengthen our communities.

“Bipolar Disorder is the most misdiagnosed mental disorder,” states Shankle. Jason Shankle is a professional therapist who specializes in mood disorder and explains symptoms while offering recommendations for individuals experiencing consistent signs of anxiety and/or depression. Click Here for video content: https://youtu.be/Yaq3tyDbtbM

Inner Self and Wisdom, LLC,
1633 Fillmore Street | Suite 103, | Denver, CO | 80206,
Phone: 720-651-2556 or Email: Jason@Innerselfandwisdom.com



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