Do not forget to “End” you must “Begin” and getting your legacy started is the first step to completion!

I remember growing up in Park Hill selling newspapers standing on the corner of MLK and Colorado Blvd. my favorite days were Sunday the papers were a little more expensive but everybody wanted a paper that day. As a young kid my buddies and I were always looking for new ways to make some money for ourselves, after moving to TX and reconnecting with my best friend we began a neighbor hood lawn service (just 2 kids pushing a lawn mower and cutting yards) we worked on the ice cream truck with Mr. PJ and served as care takers for Mr. Becks greyhounds he raced. Picking pecans, stripping wire for copper and collecting aluminum cans for recycling… for most of us this is how we began our journey as Entrepreneurs and luckily it has stuck with us for a life time, but for many the idea of being your own boss seems scary and intimidating but that’s simply because it has not been formerly introduced.

That is why DOKs has decided to make the official introduction to those curious about becoming their own boss. This free opportunity I believe is best suited for young adults venturing out into the world, maybe they are stuck on next steps after high school and we as adults, parents and mentors naturally push for college but seldom tap into the talents and creativity it takes for our youth to begin the path of entrepreneurship.

“Leading the future, Tapping into the Mind of the Curious Entrepreneur”

If you are or know of anyone ready to get started on the road to building their legacy, be sure to attend this free event get started by filling in this 20 question survey. 


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