Where Others See Grief… I see oppurtunity…

We can all agree that things are pretty shook up right now. Locally our housing markets are driving renters and low income families crazy. On a national level we have maybe the most outlandish presidential election we’ve seen in history and every day our confidence in humanity is tested with News of terror rather it be local or worldwide.

Call me an opportunist but where others see grief I see contingencies and future opportunity. Locally it’s a sellers’ market. Home owners are selling homes fast and at ridiculously high rates pushing up rental rates. Let’s face it Donald Trump’s campaign slogan should be “We’re going to Make America Hate Again” and watching him and Hillary go back and forth is like watching a special addition season of Survivor properly titled “When Hell Meets”. Not to mention this country would rather turn their guns on Obama before they give them up for a common solution to gun violence… (Don’t get me started)!

So, as a community what is our contingency plan? Housing prices soar, our presidential candidates are setting us up for destruction and our nation cannot seem to come together to solve a very common personal problem.

I say what better time to push for unity in our communities? What better time to discuss the importance of legacies to our children and establish the foundation for generational wealth. We push for support from one another already and that’s a positive thing of course but do we have a target. Who should we support/ what should we support and why? Let us be more specific in our approach for support, maybe graduating from the idea of supporting small business to actually targeting and creating a plan to support specific business wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

Our focus should be more precise and on point with our needs as a community. Our growth is contingent upon proper planning and execution, creating targets and hitting those targets that build communities and pursue the commodity businesses to sustain those communities.

What are your thoughts? How do we put it to action or should we even bother…?


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