Marketing: What to Consider when Creating Your Marketing Plan?

 Where Are You Going?

 Yearly projections of your market and community. Familiarizing yourself with growth patterns of your city for business and consumers gives you a marketing advantage. Market for the future, after all it’s all about where you are going.

What Do The People Need?

 Basing what you produce on the needs of the community will go a long way in building your brand awareness and loyalty. Find out where the community falls short and start there. This doesn’t necessarily mean you base your product or service on that need but maybe your overall company mission or vision should be, then watch the support role in.

What Is the Difference?

 Finding your niche is important! Why should someone pick you over the other guy? Tweak your approach just a little rather it’s from your pricing structure or how the consumers would actually get the final product delivered to them.

Who Are They?

 Picking “The One” customer! Get acquainted with your intended customer, narrow it down to a group and select one customer to market to out of the group. This helps your marketing be more clear, no matter who you reach out to it would make it seem more personal each time.


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